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Students Accommodation

While most of our female students live on Campus, male students have normally opted to reside in private hostels that are registered to the University. This new academic year, is blessed with availability of the University’s own hostels for male and female students that are located at Ipuli area, a walking distance from the University. Female students can also make reservations for their accommodation at a hostel run by the Sisters of the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary which is about 200 metres from the University.

Private Hostels Registered to the University

Name of Hostel/Owner Capacity
The Corona Estate (Bi Corona Farida Busongo) Boma Road Five houses: 90 male students
Emmanuel Fulli Malunde: Ipuli Area One House, 10 rooms, 40 male students
Mama Mwiza (SIRO HOSTEL) Ipuli Area Two houses, 13 rooms, 40 male students
Mrs. Claudia A. Uiso (National Area: Camp Edward Hostel) Two houses, 15 rooms, 40 female students
Edward Lazaro Kaswiza: Ipuli Area One house, 15 rooms, 30 male students