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Information Technology Services

The university has a good number of fast computers on a very high speed internet connection (Fiber Network)to allow all students and staff to easily obtain information from the internet for normal learning and extensive academic research.

The Information Technology department provides the infrastructure and the support for all technology initiatives of the University, placing priority on integrity, availability, reliability and security of these campus resources.

Library and Lecture Halls:

Our university takes pride in a new library building with ample space for students and staff, well furnished with modern books, fast computers on a very high internet connection and other electronic resources. The library has the capacity of up to 150 occupants at one sitting. There are about 30,000 titles of reading materials such as books, CD-ROMs, hard copy journals and about 12,000 online journals. The library serves as a place learning and research. consequently, all staff and students are expected to abide by the Library Rules and Regulations.

Opening Hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 8:30AM to 10:00PM
  • Saturdays: 9:00AM to 6:00PM

The library is closed on Sundays and on any Public Holiday when there is no teaching or examinations.

Students Organisation

The students organisation body - AMUCTASO (AMUCTA Students Organisation) is an umbrella that organises the students leadership, students welfare and all students related matters. Every AMUCTA student is a member of AMUCTASO while its leadership represents the students to the university administration.

Students Accommodation

While most of our female students live on Campus, male students normally opt to reside in private hostels that are registered to the University. This new academic year, is blessed with availability of the University’s own hostels for male and female students that are located at Ipuli area, a walking distance from the University. Female students can also make reservations for their accommodation at a hostel run by the Sisters of the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary which is about 200 metres from the University.

Religious Life

The University has a Catholic Chaplain. However, students are advised to attend religious services to their respective religions or denominational sites around Tabora municipality. Students are also advised to seek for spiritual advice from their respective religious leaders whose contacts are available at the Chaplaincy office.

Counseling Services:

There is one Dean of Students who collaborates with the Chaplain in providing campus ministry services in the University.

Sports and Games

The University has a number of playgrounds for sports and games. Most of our students, however, make use of various public places available for sports in Tabora municipality. We encourage our students to participate actively in games inside and outside the University in order to live a healthy life.

Health Care

The University has its own dispensary for students and staff. The dispensary has adequate and qualified staff. We also use Kitete Regional Hospital and Bugando Medical Centre-Mwanza as referrals in critical cases.


There are three sheds and two kitchens, which are used for canteen purposes. The University has two catering companies who provide food and beverages services to students and staff at affordable prices.