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During and after Registration

  • No student shall be allowed to postpone studies after the academic year has begun except under special circumstances. Permission to postpone studies shall be considered after the student has produced satisfactory evidence of the reasons for postponement to the DPAA. Special circumstances shall include ill health or serious social problems
  • No students shall be allowed to postpone studies during the two weeks preceding final examination, but may for valid reasons be considered for postponement of examinations
  • Students shall commit themselves in writing to abide by the University Rules and Regulations as required in the registration form. A copy of the students Rules and Regulations shall be made available to the student through the office of the Dean of Students. Students are encouraged to read and abide by them.
  • Students shall be issued identification cards, which they must carry all times and which shall be produced when demanded by appropriate University Officers. The identity card is not transferable and any fraudulent use may result in loss of student privileges or suspension.
  • Loss of the identity card should be reported to the Office of Dean of Students, where a new one can be obtained after paying an appropriate fee (currently Tshs 10,000/=) as stipulated under AMUCTA
  • A student registered for a course programme at AMUCTA may not enroll concurrently in any other institution without special permission in writing of the appropriate Faculty Dean of the University or, in cases where professional examinations are held under inter-institutional arrangements or cooperation
  • No exemption will be given from University courses which a student may claim to have done elsewhere.
  • Any late registration is liable to a penalty of Tshs 100,000/= (One hundred thousand shillings only)