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Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (3 Years)

This a three years programme aiming at equipping students with necessary knowledge and skills that are relevant to address societal challenges using sociological techniques.
The programme provides candidates with a wide choice of career opportunities in the society such as social work, community development, social research and industrial public administration. All students are required to take institutional courses.

Minimum Entry Requirement

  1. Candidates should be holders of the Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE) with two principal passes in appropriate subjects and with a minimum of 4.5 points. A candidate must have at least five (5) credit passes in the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) including English.
  2. Candidate must hold a relevant Diploma of at least second-class standing from an institution recognized by the University;
  3. Candidate of mature age (25 years) who possess the Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (C.S.E.E) with at least five passes and three credits in approved subjects which should include English and have a minimum four years working experience in a relevant field may apply. Such candidates must be ready to take special aptitude test.
  4. Candidates from countries with 8-4-4 systems of education must have completed successfully at least one year of university study in their countries of origin or undertaken a one-year certificate programme offered by any institution recognized by TCU.

Fees Strucure

All foreigners rates are in United State Dollar ($) while Tanzanian are in Tanzania Shillings (Tsh)

DescriptionYear IYear IIYear III
Tuition Fee1,260,000 2,3601,260,0002,3601,260,0002,360
Examination Fee130,000100.00130,000100.00130,000100.00
Student Union 3,000 5.003,0005.003,0005.00
Identity Card10,0008.00----

Meals and Accommodation allowances are arranged personally between the student and his/her sponsor as per companies/government scales

Application Procedures

All applications to degree programmes are to be made through Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) by either online or SMS application.

All applications to non-degree programmes are to be made through NACTE.