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Faculties and Departments

AMUCTA has the following Faculties and Departments

  1. Faculty of Education

  2. The faculty of Education comprises the departments of Educational Foundations, Languages and Linguistics, Geography and History. It offers a 3 years degree programme leading to the award of Bachelor of Art with Education.
    The faculty is committed to offering courses with a strong practical component ensuring that all students develop competence and confidence. Micro-teaching and teaching practice in the first and second year plays an important part in the acquisition and implementation of these practical skills.

    Departments Under Faculty of Education
  3. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

  4. This faculty comprises the courses of Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Bachelor of Art in Public Relations and Marketing. All these carry a duration of three years. The faculty aspires to play the role in the development of quality human resource to match the labor market.

    Departments Under Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences