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Principal’s Welcoming Message

Welcome to Archbishop Mihayo University College of Tabora (AMUCTA), a Constituent College of St Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT). AMUCTA is a remarkable higher learning institution where hunger for knowledge, drive for excellence and concern for making a difference in the community and in the world at large are a focus.

From the beginning, AMUCTA maintains the intention for its launching which is in line with the goal of the Catholic Bishops of Tanzania to ensure that we have a training that would impart academic and professional skills and infuse values of holistic development of a per son and respect for human dignity. In recognition of this vision, AMUCTA continues to uphold the SAUT motto of “Building the City of God” and cherish our own motto “Seeking Wisdom in Truth.”

AMUCTA continues to grow with a more articulated vision and plan for the role of teaching, research, learning and consultancy, measurable progress in increasing the diversity of its programmes and greater engagement with the community around. It has recruited a pool of qualified academic and administrative staff from within and outside the country. The University College is committed to enrich our students and staff academically and socially. This includes the provision of learning environment that makes the students appreciate the University as an exciting higher learning institution.

Join AMUCTA family to enjoy different programmes currently offered which are: Bachelor of Arts with Education, Bachelor of Sociology, and Bachelor of Public Relations and Marketing. As for next academic year, we envisage to launch Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Education (Special Needs), MBA, MA Education, Certificate of Journalism and Media Studies, Certificate in Accountancy and Certificate in Computer Studies.

At the beginning of this new academic year, I am more certain than ever of the educational quality and distinctiveness that AMUCTA envisages to offer. To the academic and administrative staff, I offer my thanks for your cooperation and personal contribution in making AMUCTA the best institution conducive for learning.

What a grace it is for me to share this work with you and for all of us to be a part of the AMUCTA family. To current students and prospective students, I wish you good luck in your studies and with all that a new academic year and university life entails. Always remember Seeking Wisdom in Truth (Indagare Sapientiam in Veritate), the motto of our University College.

May God’s blessings be with you and with AMUCTA University College.

Rev. Fr Juvenalis Asantemungu (PhD)